Catering Menus

Little Black Dog is a small scale catering company servicing the Saugeen Shores Area.  We offer full service Catering and Take-Away/Delivered Catering.

Full Service includes a Chef(s) and service staff for a Fine dining experience. This service work well for in home Dinner parties, Holiday Gatherings, Family Celebrations. Additional Costs and Fees will apply to this service.

Take-Away/Delivered Caterings can make Business meetings and party planning easy. Your food selection will come in easy portable containers and will include heating instructions for any hot items.

Customers may order by Phone 519-385-5232 or Email:
We are happy to assist you when making your selections, or to answer any questions.

For Large events of 30 people or more we ask for advance notice of One (1) week. Smaller Orders and events we request 48 hours notice.


A Selection of Hot and Cold Finger Food to suite a variety of events and gatherings.

Great for Cocktail parties, Family Celebrations and Holidays.


The meal that falls between Breakfast and Lunch, this menu features some favourites we are sure you will enjoy. Great for Business Meetings & Family Celebrations. 


A wide variety of flavours, featuring some classics with our twist!
Choose from Small or Large, These make a great addition to any meal and event.

Platters, Pans & Sides

We offer a vast variety of Dishes for take-out catering or delivery. Take a load off and add some of these dishes to your dinner party or event.


Delicious and Delectable Cupcakes, Pies & Squares! Build a sweet platter for your Business meeting, Family Celebrations or Holidays.

Thanksgiving Menu

The Perfect Thanksgiving
​Dinner for 4-6 people! Let us do the work this Thanksgiving holiday. Pick up to be determined.

Christmas Menus!

Bring the restaurant to you and your guests with a fabulous Christmas Feast and Sweets options! Great for Business and Family Christmas.